15 Best Volleyball Gifts for Kids (2020 Guide)

If you have a volleyball player in your life, you understand how quickly they can become obsessed with the sport.

Kids are notorious for quickly becoming, “All Volleyball, All The Time,” as they develop many friendships through the game.

Finding volleyball gifts can be challenging if you are unfamiliar with the world of volleyball.

This guide is aimed at providing some ideas for those looking to get the best volleyball gifts for their kids.

Most of these items are readily available on Amazon, at local big box sports stores, or can be purchased directly from the brand.

Volleyball Gifts for Kids

1. Play in the Fading Light

glow in the dark volleyball gift

Volleyball die-hards will play until they can no longer see the ball.

For those that want to go all night long, try this LED lighted volleyball.

It bests glow in the dark balls because of its truly bright, battery-powered LED lighting.

The ball is activated by impact, meaning it will stay lit as long as you are playing.

Specialized batteries are included and enable Glow City to make the ball official size and weight.

Don’t worry about forgetting to turn it off – the ball will darken after 60 seconds of inactivity.

This gift is perfect for kids who want to play ‘til they can play no more!

2. You’re Gonna Need a Net

outdoor portable volleyball net

This gift is a great partner for the previous one on our list.

A portable net is a must-have for players who enjoy pick-up games outdoors.

This convenient net system allows quick, easy set up to get the game started quickly.

This net is adjustable to multiple heights to accommodate kids while also allowing for women’s and men’s heights.

The pre-measured cord makes setting up a standard court a breeze.

Get in the game fast with this high-quality portable net.

3. Whistle While You Work

volleyball coach-ref whistle

Let the coach in your kid shine with this Mikasa coach/ref whistle.

This whistle features a rubberized mouthpiece, making it safe for younger folks to take the role of coach or referee.

Whether your kids like to role play or have declared their dream of coaching, this whistle is a fun, unique volleyball gift for a young player.

4. Feel the Vibes

wilson graffiti beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is a sport for all ages.

The fun of diving on the soft sand while enjoying the sun’s rays is perfectly represented by the Wilson Graffiti Volleyball.

This ball lets your kid stand out with its unique look while being perfect for the beach and other outdoor recreational play.

There are several iterations of this fun Wilson volleyball, so feel free to shop around for a look that suits your volleyball kid.

5. Pack Your Bags

molten volleyball bag

Carrying a volleyball around, whether to the park, beach or local volleyball gym, can be a challenge for smaller hands.

Make life easier for your volleyball player by adding the Molten Volleyball Bag to their collection of equipment.

The bag makes carrying the ball easier and can keep the volleyball in better shape by avoiding drops on unfriendly surfaces like concrete or asphalt.

6. The Gift of a Perfect Platform

Passrite volleyball training system

Any coach will tell you that teaching younger players the perfect platform is one of the most important things to start with.

The Pass Rite training system allows young players instant feedback from the elastic bands and builds their muscle memory of how to set up their passing platform.

The Pass Rite is adjustable and can accommodate shorter players, making it the perfect gift for youngsters looking to develop their skills and become a great passer.

7. The Gift of Perfect Overhead Form

tandem volleyball pal

Training aids are perfect volleyball gifts for young players, as it is difficult for them to practice on their own (relying on an adult for transportation and such).

The Tandem Volleyball Pal makes it possible to practice arm swing and serving tosses at home or after school.

An elastic cord keeps the ball attached to the waist of the player, ensuring it does not go rolling off into the sunset.

Help your young players spend more time practicing and less time chasing down their volleyball with this perfect gift!

8. Keep them Motivated

volleyball inspirational bracelets

Practice and tournament life can be grueling for young players.

Keep your teen volleyball player motivated with a set of these inspirational bracelets.

This multi-pack of bracelets with a variety of encouraging statements is a perfect gift that your adolescent volleyball player can share with friends (they come in a 12-pack).

9. Personalised Drink Bottle

customized volleyball bottles

There might be nothing worse than realizing you have just put your mouth on the wrong water bottle.

Avoid the confusion and give your volleyball kid a customized bottle with her name on it.

The bottle is 24 ounces – plenty of water to make it through practice or a match.

Customizable fonts and colors enable you to make this the perfect gift for your volleyball players.

10. Dress the Part

asics kids volleyball shoes

The arms race amongst major athletic brands like Nike and Adidas to dress teams in slick, modern looks was born in part out of the, “look good, play good,” line of thinking.

Make sure your little volleyball player has the right look with these Asics Kids volleyball shoes.

The ASICS Upcourt 3 was designed with kids in mind.

A lightweight material and strategically-placed padding make these shoes supportive, durable, and comfortable for young volleyball players.

11. Help Keep their Stuff Together

volleyball cinch sack

Young volleyball players can sometimes feel overwhelmed by their newfound busy schedules.

Practices, matches, and tournaments add up and can cause a bit of a chaotic learning curve.

Help your little volleyball player keep it all together by gifting them this volleyball-themed cinch sack.

Make this bag a “go bag” for volleyball events and keep it stocked with an energy snack, clean socks, and any other frequently used item.

12. Upgrade their Room Décor

volleyball wall decor

Keep the volleyball obsession alive with this customizable volleyball wall décor.

This sign can liven up the room and be added to a larger volleyball theme.

The sign made of aluminum and does have holes for hanging on the wall.

It is also light enough to be hung with hole-free solutions like command strips.

13. ​Volleyball Lava Lamp

volleyball 3D illusion lamp

As Brick Tamland from the movie Anchorman made popular with his, “I love lamp,” declaration, lamps are the new puppy.

Maybe not but this volleyball take on the groovy lava lamp will surely be a hit with your volleyball kid.

The LED lamp is functional enough to light a room while having multiple color options to let your volleyball player practice self-expression.

The lamp offers the illusion of a 3D volleyball shape.

Your volleyball kid will love adding this to their room décor.

14. The Headband Says it All

volleyball headband

This headband says it all for your young volleyball player.

The obsession is real and the, “Eat, Sleep, Play Volleyball,” written on the headband puts that reality quite concisely.

15. Not Just Another Sock

volleyball socks

Add these socks to any gift for your volleyball player.

These performance socks are both a bold fashion statement and will enhance comfort for your teen while playing.

Moisture-wicking technology helps avoid dreaded sweat buildup and the nylon/rubber blend creates a supportive, durable fit.

Final Words

Volleyball becomes a way of life for many players.

Getting your kid a volleyball gift that represents their favorite sport lets them know you care about their passion, too.

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