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Types of Sets in Volleyball: 13 Sets You Need to Know

Once the basics of volleyball have been mastered (three hits to get it over, no catching/throwing, etc.), it’s time to move on to the intricacies of the game.

The set is vital to any volleyball game plan. Whether you want to set the same star hitter over and over or intend on using an array of attack points, getting quality sets is essential.

Keep reading to learn 13 types of sets in volleyball.

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What Is a Lift in Volleyball? (Full Explanation)

A lift is when the ball is caught and/or thrown; it does not rebound from the hit.

The rule makes it illegal to catch and throw the ball rather than moving it with a pass, set, or hit. If the ball pauses in your hands or part of your body before changing direction, you’ll likely be called for a lift.

You’ll see lift calls more frequently as you watch younger players. It’s rare at high-level competitions.

Here are some instances where you might see a lift occur in a volleyball match.

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Volleyball Conditioning Guide: How to Prepare for the Season

Volleyball players need to have the ability to sprint, cut, jump explosively, and repeat the process countless times in a match.

The only way to achieve this type of endurance is to properly condition the body for such a task.

Regardless of when your typical volleyball season begins, you must start preparing ahead of time, so you’re ready to play at a high level immediately.

This guide will walk you through the process of getting yourself in shape to play competitive volleyball.

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How to Jump Serve in Volleyball (10-Step Guide)

The serve is an integral piece for scoring in volleyball.

It allows your team to initiate an attack without the potential for being blocked. The best serves are intentional, accurate, and challenging to return.

A jump serve is an awe-inspiring moment in a volleyball match but should be a reliable weapon rather than a cross-your-fingers-and-hope-for-the-best moment.

Here are ten steps to learn how to jump serve and make sure it’s reliable, accurate, and effective.

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13 Volleyball Exercises You Can Do at Home

It’s important to note the difference between simply working out and working out with the intent of improving your volleyball skills. Focusing your workout on the sport you’re playing is key to gaining an edge over your opponents.

Your at-home volleyball exercises should focus on the particular physical requirements of the game: Agility, explosiveness, speed, and strength

The workouts contained here will be geared toward improving all of those attributes.

All of these exercises can be done at home with limited equipment. And we’ve organized them by area of focus: Upper body, lower body, and core

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