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What is a Pancake in Volleyball? (And How to Do It)

The pancake dig is performed with one hand outstretched, sliding flat on the court’s surface with the palm down. The player must dive and ensure her arm is parallel to the floor.

The ultimate goal of a pancake is to allow the ball to contact the back of the hand and use its momentum to force it back up into the air.

This move can be a game-changer and all higher-level players should be able to perform it.

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What is a Kill in Volleyball (Explained)

Unless your team has a sniper of a server that puts aces across the net every time or you are playing an opponent that cannot get the ball over the net, you will need to record kills to score points.

The kill is an integral volleyball statistic that denotes a successful attack by an offensive team.

The simple definition of a kill is an offensive attack that is unreturnable by the opponent and scores a point or side out for the offensive team.

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The 5 Types of Serves in Volleyball You Must Know

A great scoring chance starts with a good server who can put the ball in a position that puts stress on the passing abilities of your opponent.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of serving, including a background of how consistent serving helps win matches, the different types of serves in volleyball, and viable locations to serve the ball.

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