144 Clever and Funny Volleyball Team Names

By choosing one of the funny volleyball team names below, you’ll give each player on your team a 3-inch jumping boost and 2x more hitting power.

Okay - maybe that’s not true…

But at least you’ll have an awesome volleyball team name!

“Why is choosing a good name important?”

Here are a few reasons…

​  • A name can give people an idea of your team’s personality.

​  • A name can inspire fear in an opponent.

​  • A name can be a source of pride.

girls volleyball team on the floor

As you can see, choosing a volleyball team name is a very important matter.

But, it can also be a difficult process.

If you need a little help or inspiration, here are 144 funny volleyball team names to choose from.

  1. 2 Legit 2 Hit
  2. 21 Jump Serve
  3. 3 Spikes and You’re Out!
  4. Ace of Spikes
  5. Ace Ventura, Spike Detective
  6. Air Traffic Control
  7. All About That Ace
  8. All Sets are Off
  9. Attack Pack
  10. Backyard All-Stars
  11. Ball Busters
  12. Ball Whisperers
  13. Beavis and Bumphead
  14. Big Tippers
  15. Block and Awe
  16. Block City
  17. Block Heads
  18. Block Magic
  19. Block n’ Roll
  20. Block Party
  21. Block You Like a Hurricane
  22. Blocka! Blocka!
  23. Blockbusters
  24. Bump in the Road
  25. Bump, Set, Spike
  26. Bump, Bump, Bump it Up
  27. Bumpin’ Uglies
  28. Bumpy Ride
  29. Bye Week
  30. Can You Dig It?
  31. Chicks Dig the Digs
  32. Cross Fires
  33. Dat Ace Doe
  34. Death at the Net
  35. Death Volley
  36. Defying Gravity
  37. Digs for Days
  38. Don’t Block Me Bro!
  39. Donald Bump
  40. EZ Pass
  41. First Come, First Serve
  42. Friday Night Spikes
  43. Good Volley, Miss Molly!
  44. Grateful Diggs
  45. Grave Diggers
  46. Heads in the Sand
  47. Here for the Exercise
  48. High Impacts
  49. Hit for Brains
  50. Hit Heads
  51. Hit Me Baby One More Time
  52. Hit Me with your Best Shot
  53. Hit the Roof
  54. Hit-Men
  55. Hits Don’t Lie
  56. Hot Tamales
  57. How I Set Your Mother
  58. How to Kill a Blocking Nerd
  59. I Wanna Set You Up
  60. I’d Hit That
  61. It’s a Hard Bump Life
  62. Jenny from the Block
  63. Killer Serves
  64. Kinky Sets
  65. Kiss My Ace
  66. Major Carriers
  67. May the Spike Be with You
  68. Mission Unblockable
  69. Monster Smash
  70. Natural Born Killers
  71. Net Ninjas
  72. Net Results
  73. New Kids on the Block
  74. No Dig’gity
  75. Notorious D.I.G.
  76. One Hit Wonders
  77. Order on the Court
  78. Over in Three
  79. Passing Fancy
  80. Pink Panthers
  81. Planet Volleywood
  82. Please Dink Responsibly
  83. Pop Up Blockers
  84. Prime Time Players
  85. Pure Energy
  86. Quick Service
  87. Quiet on Set
  88. Roofing Service
  89. Rough Sets
  90. Safe Sets
  91. Sandy Shorts
  92. Scared Hitless
  93. Served Hot
  94. Serves of Steel
  95. Serves Up Dudes!
  96. Serves You Right
  97. Serv-ivors
  98. Set ‘Em Up, Knock ‘Em Down
  99. Set It and Forget it
  100. Set to Kill
  101. Sets in the City
  102. Sets on Fire
  103. Setsy and We Know It
  104. Setting Ducks
  105. Shoot the Hit
  106. Shoot to Thrill
  107. Slamtastic Voyage
  108. Smash Brothers
  109. Some Spike it Hot
  110. Spike Lee’s
  111. Spike Tysons
  112. Spiked Hair, Don’t Care
  113. Spiked Punch
  114. Spikenado
  115. Spikological Warfare
  116. Straight Down
  117. Sugar and Spike
  118. Sultans of Smash
  119. Summer of Slam
  120. SWAT team
  121. Take a Hit
  122. That’s What She Set!
  123. The Blair Hits Project
  124. The Block is Hot
  125. The Bumping Maniacs
  126. The Dirty Half Dozen
  127. The Empire Spikes Back
  128. The Spike that Loved Me
  129. The Triple Hits
  130. The Uncardables
  131. Things That Go Bump in the Night
  132. To Kill a Rocking Serve
  133. Too Setsy for our Spikes
  134. Two Bump Chumps
  135. Victorious Secret
  136. Volleyball Stars
  137. Walk the Block
  138. We Always Get It Up
  139. We Showed Up
  140. We Will Block You
  141. Weak Side Story
  142. Whack-a-Kill
  143. Will Work for Sets
  144. You’ve Been Served


When considering which of the volleyball team names to choose, the options are endless and narrowing it down can be tricky.

My recommendation:

Think about the overall personality of your team.

Is your team fierce and passionate? Goofy and fun? Calm and collected?

While it may be difficult to choose, there is certainly a name out there for every team.

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