What is a Kill in Volleyball (Explained)

Unless your team has a sniper of a server that puts aces across the net every time or you are playing an opponent that cannot get the ball over the net, you will need to record kills to score points.

The kill is an integral volleyball statistic that denotes a successful attack by an offensive team.

The simple definition of a kill is an offensive attack that is unreturnable by the opponent and scores a point or side out for the offensive team.

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5 Volleyball Hitting Drills to Improve Your Attack

As one of the more exciting elements of the game, players love to hit the volleyball.

This love of hitting should be fostered, as it is the most likely way to score against an opponent.

As beginners, players are often excited to see any ball get over the net and down to the floor. However, as players progress, they begin to see the necessity for a variety of attack options.

The following volleyball hitting drills are designed to improve attack consistency, power, and diversity amongst all levels of volleyball players.

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Queen of the Court (Fun Volleyball Drill)

The best drills in volleyball keep players active and engaged without sacrificing form.

We often see players running mindless drills that cause them to disconnect with the moment and begin going “through the motions.”

Be assured – Queen of the Court (or Monarch or King or Ruler) is not one of these mind-numbing drills!

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The 5 Types of Serves in Volleyball You Must Know

A great scoring chance starts with a good server who can put the ball in a position that puts stress on the passing abilities of your opponent.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of serving, including a background of how consistent serving helps win matches, the different types of serves in volleyball, and viable locations to serve the ball.

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5 Volleyball Blocking Drills to Teach Perfect Timing

A good defense is predicated by a quality block. While good passing and quality ball control are useful skills on defense, a successful block is the best way to stop or slow an attack. Volleyball blocking drills should be utilised to hone blocking technique, reaction time, and the ability to read plays. Blocking can be a challenging skill […]

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